Pooyan Roohi



pouyan roohi

I am Pouyan Rouhi. I have been addicted to Video games since childhood, and when I became a teenager, I started studying economics. In 2012, one day, I accidentally met one of my old friends, and he introduced me to Bitcoin. The combination of computer games and economics led to my understanding of digital assets. Since 2012, I have been investing in digital currencies and digital assets.


Hibo finance

I started this project in 2015 . This project connected crypto currency lenders to borrowers in a decentralized manner . This project was stopped because it was not compatible with the laws of the country where I lived .This project had a great idea in its time and I always remember it as a successful project

Decentra Dragon

The Dragon project has 4400 NFTs . I have been active in the financial field since 2012 and have a strong community And I made this project for my community, which became of the most successful projects in the world. This FreeMint project is currently priced at $400 and has a transaction volume of 500 Ethereum in Openseea


I entered the investment world since 2012. Currently, my focus is on investing in crypto currencies and technologies. I have a team of 25 people which includes analyst-researcher-risk manager.

Frenchie Friends

This NFT project will be released in the summer of 2023 . This project will also have story books and toys



My investment portfolio is focused on digital assets, I grew up playing video games and I understand the value of digital assets very well.

95% of my investment is in digital assets, Most of my focus is on crypto currencies, but a limited Part of my investments (less than one percent) goes in NFT-ENS. Less than 5% of my investment is in real estate.

I have 2 portfolios for crypto currencies with two different strategies, one long-term and one short-term.

Real Estate