Don’t be concerned about the scary future of robots

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When we hear about the robots or artificial intelligence (AI), our minds move to science fiction movies, in which robots are usually enemies of humanity and are destroying the world. Maybe that's why many people are concerned about the development of robots and artificial intelligence, because their mental image of robots is something created by movie directors.

? But Should we really be afraid of robots

I think if we look at robots from a logical point of view, they can help with the development and comfort of human life and can be good friends for humans. In this article, I want to talk about the benefits that robots can provide for humans from a different point of view.


Robots, Present and future?
Right now, we are using robots in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, gadget manufacturing, etc. The current robots that we use are dumb robots, they do what they are commanded to do, but in the future, this is not the case. In the future, robots will acquire the ability to think and analyze data and solve problems with the help of artificial intelligence, and they will be able to operate without any help or orders from humans. For this reason, the kind of relationships we will have with robots in the future will be different from the relationships we have with them now. I think of the current robots as working robots! But the robots of the future are not going to be like this.
In general, I divide future robots into three categories:

  1. Electronic chips that are planted into the brain
  2. Household robots
  3. Humanoid robots

Electronic chips that are planted into the brain
These chips are placed into the human brain and generally increase the function of the human brain and also have the ability to control the nervous system and human hormones. The biggest usage these chips provide for humans is to help save time and also to fix genetic disorders in humans.

For example, in the future, you will not need to use a calculator, because the chips in your brain will do all your calculations in the shortest possible time. Or you don't need to spend time and learn the language of other countries. Also, you don't need to spend time and collect all the data from Google and analyze them, but these chips automatically prepare the data for you in the shortest time, and you only choose the options with your decision-making power. Also, due to their ability to stimulate the nervous system, these robots can greatly help people's treatment proses. Let me give you an example: many of you love coffee, some of you drink it to enjoy the taste of coffee, and some of you drink it to stay awake and freshen up. Suppose you went to your friend's house and at 9 o'clock in the evening, right after dinner, he brings you a cup of coffee and you drink the coffee. Now you go back to bed and want to sleep, but you can't sleep because you drank coffee and the effects of caffeine on your body is going to keep you awake for 5-7 hours! That means you can't sleep until 2 am to 4 am. Actually, this is what caffeine does: it closes adenosine receptors of your brain. Adenosine is actually a chemical substance in your brain. When you eat caffeine, your brain receptors do not receive adenosine and you do not fall asleep! You drank coffee just to warm up and enjoy yourself, but now you can't sleep and you might get to work late in the morning! Now suppose you use a robotic chip: this chip can understand whether you drank coffee for pleasure or to fall asleep.

If you drink coffee for the pleasure of coffee, it will activate your brain's sensors and with the release of adenosine, it will cause you to sleep and helps you to get to work early in the morning! But the biggest usage these chips provide is to help in treatment and medicine, to cure problems such as blindness - paralysis of body parts - Alzheimer's, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. these problems are eliminated to a large extent with the help of these chips.

These chips are so advanced that they are mounted on the human brain with a short operation or with a 5-10-minute injection.


Household robots
Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are evolving at a fast pace. The speed of artificial intelligence progress is so high that Elon Musk has announced that he is not afraid of anything more than artificial intelligence! The combination of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things makes most of the devices around us become smart robots. Appliances like refrigerators, TV, and even your car can become a robot, of course, right now I know Tesla cars as one of the first generations of car-robots. Suppose you installed a CCTV camera in your villa. This camera is so smart that it recognizes your face and your family members. Now if a thief enters your villa, the camera recognizes that the person who entered the privacy of the villa is not you and your family and is a stranger! The camera sends a message to you on WhatsApp and reports to the local police at the same moment and starts a siren! Or think about your diet. For example, you need to eat 6 egg whites and a glass of milk for breakfast every day. you wake up one morning and see that there is neither egg white nor milk in your refrigerator! And this makes you spend a lot of time to buy milk and eggs or order some! But if your refrigerator is a smart gadget, it can connect to your mobile phone and check your diet plan from your mobile phone app and understand that you need to eat eggs and milk for breakfast tomorrow and if there are no eggs and milk, it will order some for you automatically or reminds you that: hurry up! Buy some eggs, you have nothing to eat for breakfast!


Humanoid robots
These robots are similar in appearance to humans, but they can be smarter and more tireless than humans, they won’t be afraid or anxious in tough situations and make better decisions. Humanoid robots can help humans in social and work interactions or (like everyday tasks or to help in different industries and medicine...) and especially in military and security services.


But do humans welcome robots?

Humans always seek to improve the quality of life and making progress. The robots of the next generation are very different from the old robots, but they both improve the quality of human life and increase the speed of progress. If you think that the usage of these robots is very scary, you should know that the invention of airplanes, cars, etc. was once scary for humans, but now it has become a daily thing. if you ask me: hey are they not dangerous? In response, I must say that I don't know if the AI can be developed to a dangerous level or not! But it can be controlled by setting rules and frameworks.


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